1OpenGeo Suite 101

OpenGeo Suite is a geospatial web software stack produced by Boundless (formerly OpenGeo). Its modular components can be used to:

  • store & transform geospatial data,
  • produce & serve maps,
  • create custom interactive web maps
  • attain greater geographic accuracy than standard web mapping providers, and
  • build geospatial applications where you control and own the entire geospatial application framework.

OpenGeo Suite bundles these features together into a convenient one-click installer.

OpenGeo Suite is open source and the basic edition is free. Boundless provides additional add-ons for enterprise, commercial support, professional services and on-going development of OpenGeo Suite.


All Suite components are modular and interoperable with other leading geospatial applications and frameworks.

diagram of interoperability

OpenGeo Suite from Boundless complements and improves your existing implementations.

Transforming Data

OpenGeo Suite works on a number of platforms and servers, is compliant with OGC GIS standards and supports a wide variety of spatially-enabled databases and vector and image formats.

diagram of data inputs and outputs
Build Web Apps

OpenGeo Suite combines useful tools to help developers get started building geospatial web apps.

Our Services

Boundless offers enhanced features and extensions with our OpenGeo Suite for Enterprise packages, and Support, Training and Professional Services to help you architect, deploy and scale smoothly.

Boundless also has experience tailoring commerical solutions for Industries. Get in touch with us to find out more or check out our Case Studies.

2Get Started

3Spatial IT & the Spatial Web

Boundless SDK Templates

Create and begin developing starter web applications using the suite-sdk command line tool and our new Boundless SDK templates now in Suite 4.1.

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sdk and bootstrap map
SDK Viewer

With the SDK template ol3view, quickly set up a basic OpenLayers 3 map viewer with Bootstrap 3, GeoServer layers and and an overlay.

Categories: SDK, OL3

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sdk and editing features
SDK Editor

Draw and delete features then post changes to GeoServer. This Openlayers 3 map editing template ol3edit comes with a Bootstrap feature table.

Categories: Editing, SDK, OL3

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sdk gxp template

A basic web map containing a layer tree, map panel and map tools. Based on ExtJS 3.4 and compatible with legacy browsers such as IE 6-8.

Categories: SDK, GXP, OL2

Getting Started with SDK Templates in Usermanual →

More Templates Coming Soon

We're working on more templates to help you get started building applications using OpenGeo Suite. Also view the tutorials in our Workshops section.

Categories: Client/UI, Map Services & Rest API, Styling & Projections, Data & Databases, Application Schemas, Advanced Features, Full End-to-End Application Stack Examples